In the epic Maharabharat Bhima killed the evil Kichaka after a Herculean bout and threw him in to the valley. Hence the name Chikhaldara from kichakdara, the valley of Kichak. Situated in the Satpuras at a height of 118m.Chikhaldara is a green and unspoilt hill station. The interesting excursions From here are Gavilgarh fort, Sakkar Talao, Bhim Kund, Shiva Shrine Van Udyan, Tribal Museum and Various Valley point LIKE, Devi, Monkey, Panchabal, long Hurricane and Prospect. The Melghat tiger reserve in near the Chikhaldara hill station and is a wealth of wild animals like sloth bear , Hyena, wild dog, Gaur, Sambar, Nilgai, Barking deer, four horned Antelope, wild boar and of course the magnificent Tiger.


Nanded was also known as Nandigram or the village of Nandi. Nanded has Penganga flowing to its North; Manjara River along the Eastern boundary and Godavari is flowing in the middle of the town. The Sachkhand Gurudwara is known for the Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh who declared the holy book of Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib as the only Guru of Sikhs.T he temple complex of Sachkhand Gurudwara is less than a mile from River Godavari. Temple also houses the revered relics like the golden dagger, golden swords and a matchlock gun of the Tenth Guru. These are displayed in the Angitha Sahib. The Guru gave the name Abchalnagar, the Steadfast City, to the city of Nanded.


Here's a chance to see India's magnificent hypervelocity meteorite-impact crater. Lonar ranks 3rd amongst the worlds's five largest craters. Investigations reveal it to be around 40,000 Years old. Within the depression lies a saline lake. See the ruins of Temples constructed in Hemadpanti style, where Lord Narsimah, Ganesh, Renukadevi and Shiva were once worshipped. At the Villages around the crater You can Listen to Many lagends about Lonar. A fascination sight is the presence of hundreds of peafowls which live inside the crater. Besides other resident and migratory birds, you can spot menitor lizards. Hanuman langoors, chinkaras and gazelles, if you're lucky.


Shegaon, a municipal town in Khamgaon Teshsil is famous for the Samadhi of Shri Gajanan Maharaja Mystic Saint as popular as Saibaba of Shirdi. Youll see a large number of pilgrims here, some coming from distant parts of Western Maharashtra, Vidarbha. Allegorically, Shegaon can be described as the Pandharpur of Vidarbha. Thousands of devotees pay their respects at the Samadhi every thousands of devotees pay their respects at the Samadhi every Thursday, which is regarded as a special day. See the temple of Shri Ram, also constructed in the premises of the shrine. If you visit Shegaon on Ram Navami in Chaitra and on Rushi Panchmi in Bhadrapada month of the Hindu Calendar, you can also attend the fairs held here on these occasions.


The twelve jyotirlingas are the most significant places of pilgrimage for Hindus in India. Five of them happen to be in Maharashtra. Aundha-Nagnath is one of them. Anudha Nagnath is in the Hingoli District. This pilgrim center is of great significance, since it is considered to be the Eighth (adya), of the 12 jyotirlingas. It is believed that Dharmraj (eldest of Pandav) has constructed this beautiful temple while they were expelled for 14 years from Hastinapur.The temple of Nagnath has exquisite carvings. The temple is of Hemadpanthi architecture and is situated in about 60,000 sq. ft area. Large number of pilgrims visit this temple on shivratri and Vijayadashmi.